Professional-Use Extra Large Red Powder Coated Bingo Cage Set

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional-use Bingo Cage Sets and Bingo Equipment. Our Extra Large Red Plastic-Coated Bingo Cage Set, featuring a bright red plastic-coated finish and red acrylic handle, offers elegance and charm during any Bingo Event. It's the roomiest cage on the market! We guarantee top-quality craftsmanship to ensure an even and consistent shuffle every time. Do not be fooled by other sellers claiming to have the same quality. Make sure you buy from Mr. Chips, Inc. to receive the best in quality and reliability.

Product Details:

  • Red powder-coated wire cage for QUIETER Game w/attractive red acrylic handle; Roomiest on the market; 13.5" D x 11" W x 19'' H 
  • Universal bingo masterboard in cream color designed to hold 75 bingo balls; 21" L x 16.5" W x 0.5" H
  • (75) 40 mm/ 1.57" 5 color double number ping pong ball set w/large letters and numbers printed in black ink on one side
  • Weighted cup automatically selects balls without getting caught. No assembly required
  • Buy direct from manufacturer to save money!
  • Part No. 02301693


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