Magnetic Wand-Chip Set (100 chips-bag)

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Mr. Chips now offers the perfect Bingo pair: The Magnetic Bingo Wand/Chip Set. Each set includes a sturdy, well-made plastic Magnetic Wand and 100 Magnetic Chips. You'll never have a problem collecting your loose Magnetic Chips. Available in 7 vibrant colors!

This perfect Bingo Kit includes 100 magnetic chips and a magnetic wand. Great for bingo games, learning resources, marketing tools, and even art projects. The possibilities are endless! These metal-infused Bingo Chips can be collected quickly and easily with our well-made magnetic wand. Available in 7 vibrant colors!
Buy from Mr. Chips, Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional-use bingo chips.

Product Details:

  • Stock colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, Yellow
  • Includes: 1 Magnetic Wand & 100 Magnetic Chips
  • Magnetic Wands made in U.S.A

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