Magnetic Bingo Wand Blue – 1 Piece - Made in the USA – Ideal for Bingo, Science Experiments, Homeschool Accessories, Fridge Décor & Sewing Supplies

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Our colorful Magnetic Bingo Wands are perfect for easy cleanup of metal objects. From our magnetic bingo chips, to paper clips and screws, these magnetic wands are great for bingo games, learning resources, marketing tools, and even art projects. The possibilities are endless!

Product Details:

  • Magnetic Wands for Ideal Learning Experience: Other than using these magnetic wands as bingo accessories, you can use these bingo magnetic wands in classrooms across the entire curriculum: science experiments, STEM, STEAM, language arts and math and sensory exercises, social studies with number-based facts, overhead projectors with magnetic chips and color sorting activities, tic tac toe and other fun games!
  • Strong & Highly Magnetic Bingo Wands: Our super strong magnetic bingo wands will attract and pick up paper clips, nails, screws, pins, needles, or any other small metal objects. Works great for finding wall studs, home canning, sewing and garage cleaning.
  • Durable Magnetic Wand: This magnetic wand set is crafted with a heavy-duty ceramic magnet and features a sturdy handle with a hanging hole.
  • Take It Anywhere You Want: Our magnetic wands are portable and perfect for family bingo games, reunions, classroom games and projects, day care centers, senior assisted living, bus and car trips, cruise ships, churches, charity, legions, and much more!
  • MADE IN THE USA Magnetic Bingo Wand Set: We proudly make our magnetic wands in the USA to ensure you receive only quality products. Support small businesses. Support American jobs.

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