'Luxury Gold" Party Bingo Cage Set with Masterboard, 7/8 Bingo Balls, 300 Chips, 18 Bingo Cards

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional-use bingo cage sets and bingo equipment. The Mr. Chips Deluxe 11-Inch Bingo Game with Bingo Cards and Bingo Chips, Steel 11" Rotary Bingo Cage with Automatic Alloy Bingo Ball Selector, 75 proprietary Easy-Read Bingo Balls in 5-color mix, and 1 Injection-molded Plastic Master Board will provide countless hours of fun for everyone. This complete party bingo set is perfect for small bingo events or family gatherings and is easily stored in smaller spaces. The elegant and thoughtful design ensures this bingo cage will provide long lasting bingo fun. Do not be fooled by other sellers claiming to have the same quality. Mr. Chips strives to deliver the best quality products on the market.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY BINGO GAME SET: You get an 11" (Inch) tall (7" wide barrel) professional rust-proof steel bingo cage, 7/8 Inch bingo balls with sturdy bingo master board, 300 plastic bingo chips, and 18 reusable bingo cards. You will get what you pay for: quality materials and construction. Satisfaction is guaranteed. This bingo set is so impressive you’ll want to keep it for generations!

  • EVERLASTING BINGO BALLS: 7/8 Inch 5-color bingo balls featuring the LARGEST letters and numbers on the market. Our proprietary bingo balls are scratch and fade resistant and designed without those annoying domed magnifying windows that cause blinding glare, frequently fall off, and become covered in scratches after just a few uses

  • ANTI-SLIP PROTECTIVE FEET: Unique anti-slip silicone feet stabilize the bingo cage and provide a protective shield against scratches and scuffs on any surface. You won't have to use cloth or other buffers to protect your furniture. So sturdy and stable, you will not need to brace or hold the cage in order to spin it

  • ENDURING STRUCTURE: Arc-shaped door latch provides a secure yet easy one-handed operation. The upgraded design prevents bingo balls from escaping during use. Unlike cheap plastic ball catchers that easily break, this bingo cage is equipped with a solid and weighted aluminum alloy ball cup. You will feel the difference

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The comfortable, ergonomic soft-grip handle features a reinforced no-twist design. The handle is made from silicone, which lasts longer and stands up better against heat and cold than plastic. Plus, our handle is embossed with our happy slogan "Life is a game. Play it!" and reminds us to have fun

  • BRANDED: Only the MR CHIPS brand gives you easy-to-read 7/8 inch bingo balls with LARGE letters and numbers that will never rub off or fade. We call them 'everlasting' for a reason. Stop buying replacement bingo balls and get bingo balls that last.

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  • UPC 782294999924

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