Deluxe Speed-O-Matic Cage Set w-EASY-READ 7-8 Inch Bingo Balls

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional-use Bingo Cage Sets and Bingo Equipment. Our Bingo Blower Machine Table Top, also known as the Speed-O-Matic, offers ingenuity and convenience. We've combined two close companions: a durable Bingo Cage and Bingo Masterboard. When the game is over, simply push the release button and watch the Bingo Balls return from the Masterboard to the rubberized vinyl coated tumbler. Voila! You're ready for the next Bingo Game just like that.

Product Details:

  • Professional quality heavy-gauge steel in Blue color w/attractive red acrylic handle; 12" H X 16" W X 27" L
  • Quickly and easily reloaded with automatic ball return for commercial or home use. Great inexpensive substitute for electronic Bingo Blowers.
  • NEW proprietary technology (75)  7/8" 5-color plastic bingo balls; no-glare SCRATCH and FADE RESISTANT EASY-READ letters and numbers that will NEVER rub off!
  • Weighted cup automatically selects balls without getting caught. No assembly required
  • Perfect for parties, camping, classrooms, and senior living facilities
  • Part No. 02351492

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