7/8 Inch Tiddlywinks in Mega Bulk (33,000 pcs)

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of 3/4 Inch Bingo Chips and 7/8 Inch Tiddlywinks. We're the only manufacturer to offer 13 transparent and 6 solid colors. Every chip is 7/8" in diameter, clean, free of incomplete or chipped pieces, and works well for bingo games, in promotional and marketing activities (drink or prize tokens), as learning aids (counting chips and hands-on manipulatives) and even perfect for arts and crafts! We make sure each chip is expertly molded to precise specifications. Do not be fooled by other sellers claiming to have the same quality. Make sure you buy from Mr. Chips, Inc. to receive the best in quality and reliability.

Product Details:

  • 7/8 Inch Counting Bingo Chips in 13 Transparent and 6 Solid Colors 33,000 pcs
  • 33,000 pcs high quality solid color or see-through plastic chips in a re-usable brown box
  • Measures 7/8 inch (23 mm) in diameter featuring radius edge for easy pickup
  • Ideal for teaching aids; perfect for classroom overhead projectors; hands-on manipulatives; great for learning counting, sorting, grouping, addition, and subtraction
  • Perfect for bingo games, marketing, promotional, educational aids and even arts and crafts projects
  • Price per each color
  • Mixed colors available upon request. Contact Us for a quote.

Enjoy top of the line quality at the lowest price.

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