3/4 Inch Smiley Face Bingo Chips (100 pcs-bag)

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is proud to be the largest manufacturer of 3/4 Inch Bingo Chips & 7/8 Inch Tiddlywinks the North America.

Our traditional Bingo Chips, Smiley Face Bingo Chips & Tiddlywinks can be used as premium Bingo Spotters, Educational Aides, Marketing and Promotional Tools, even in Arts and Crafts Projects. The possibilities are endless!

Introducing Smiley Face Bingo Chips in 3 colors! These novelty chips add even more fun to every bingo game! Your bingo chips will easily stand out from the rest!

Product Details:

  • Size: 3/4 Inch
  • Stock colors: Blue, Green, Red
  • Sold in bags of 100 Chips 
  • Custom colors available upon request (restrictions apply). Contact Us for a quote!

Enjoy top of the line quality at the lowest price.

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