Complete Bingo Game with 50 Economy Patriotic Theme JAM PROOF Shutter Cards

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of Bingo Shutter Cards in North America. Our Fingertip Patriotic Theme JAM PROOF Shutter Cards offer a fun and inexpensive alternative to hard cards, bingo paper, daubers, or expensive bingo cages and machines. Each card enables the user to slide the red Shutter Window across each number as it's called. Light weight and portable, our Economy Shutter Cards make any Bingo Game worth playing.

Product Details:

  • NO MORE JAMMED SLIDE WINDOWS: Enjoy a stress-free bingo game with our deluxe jam proof shutter card bingo set. Each set includes 50 proprietary shutter bingo cards featuring smooth, easy-move slider windows that are effortless to use and never get stuck, 1 bingo calling card deck, and 1 bingo master board measuring 14.75" L x 6.75" W.
  • HEAVY-DUTY BINGO SET: With our sturdy cards you no longer need to worry about your bingo set getting damaged or broken when playing bingo or traveling. It is a very sturdy board set with 1/2” numbers and contrasting red sliding windows, making our bingo cards the perfect game board for children, the elderly, and everyone in between!
  • NO DUPLICATE CARDS & STURDY WINDOWS: Unlike other bingo cards, ours will not contain any duplicates that could make the game boring. Our shutter windows are made with sturdy plastic, ensuring they will not move out of position while playing. You can enjoy a fun and hassle-free bingo game with family and friends.
  • CONVENIENT AND FUN FOR ALL AGES: A bingo cards with sliding window are durable and handheld for easy playing, and do not require wasteful bingo daubers and bingo paper or messy bingo chips that can easily become lost. Each sliding bingo card measures 7.5” L x 6.625” W.
  • BINGO ON THE GO: Portable & storable, our complete bingo game is perfect for small or large family gatherings, indoor & outdoor bingo games, parties, and game nights for a fun and enjoyable time. Take it with you anywhere you want to go.

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