Small Bingo Masterboard

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Our durable, well-made Small Bingo Masterboards are perfectly designed to accompany our Small 7/8" Bingo Balls. Our Bingo Master Boards are portable and light weight, so Bingo Games can happen anywhere!

Product Details:

  • TRACK BINGO NUMBERS: Bingo callers can effortlessly call and track their bingo numbers with this easy-to-use premium bingo master board tray. It’s so simple! Once called out loud, simply place your bingo ball on the tracking board in its assigned slot. You will never lose track of your numbers again!
  • SIMPLE 2 PART BOARD: The lightweight yet sturdy ABS plastic bingo board comes in a jet-black color and offers a simple two-snap design that will outlast years of daily use. The easy-to-read bingo numbers are carefully printed on each board using reliable and consistent silk screen technology. The assembled master board dimensions are 18” x 7” x 0.5”
  • PERFECT FOR BINGO ANYWHERE: Take this bingo masterboard anywhere you want to play bingo. The bingo tray is lightweight and compact for easy storage and traveling. It makes a great edition to any 11 inch bingo cage set or 7/8 inch bingo ball set you may already have on hand.
  • SO MUCH FUN: Great for bingo games at home, work, bingo halls, parties, schools, family and friend gatherings, and game nights. It’s no secret Bingo is one of the world’s greatest and most classic pastimes. CAUTION: Please do not use this bingo board with ¾ inch bingo balls or 1.5 inch ping pong style bingo balls. They are not compatible.

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