Complete Bingo Game w-50 Deluxe QUICK CLEAR JAM PROOF Shutter Cards

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of Bingo Shutter Cards in North America. Our QUICK CLEAR JAM PROOF Shutter Cards offer a fun and inexpensive alternative to Hard Cards or Bingo Paper and Daubers. Each card enables the user to slide the red Shutter Window across each number as it's called. Light weight and portable, our Easy Read Shutter Cards make any Bingo Game worth playing.

Product Details:

    • CARD SET: This set offers bingo masterboard shutter slide, Set with 50 numbers shutter cards and 75 calling cards which are portable, re-usable, great bingo games for kids and adults of all ages
    • MASTERBOARD: Bingo masterboard come with heavy-duty stitched 14.75" x 6.75". Thickest bingo masterboard shutter slide in the market
    • BINGO PLAYING CARDS: Bingo cards are verifiable on arrow international machines. There are 75 calling cards of five different colors in this bingo game set
    • SHUTTER CARD: Unique jam proof shutter card with window technology has dimensions of 6.5" x 6.625". The bingo slide shutter cards have LARGE readable number with the length of 1/2 inch
    • FUN GAMES: Travel bingo card game is suitable for all ages at an affordable price. This party game can even make great commercial use at bars and casino or restaurant


  • (50) JAM PROOF Easy Read QUICK CLEAR Shutter Cards (6.5" x 6.625" with 1/2" numbers)
  • (1) Heavy-duty stitched Master Board (14.75" x 6.75")
  • Deck of Bingo Playing Cards numbered 1-75

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