Deluxe Quick Clear Jam Proof Bingo Shutter Card

Mr. Chips Bingo Slide Shutter Cards ǀ Deluxe Jam Proof Quick Clear ǀ Rapid Slide Reset ǀ Extra Thick Board ǀ Stitched ǀ Easy Sliders with Big Tabs ǀ NEWLY RE-DESIGNED proprietary technology ǀ Woodgrain Design
Jam Proof Technology Bingo Slide Cards
Easy sliders with big tabs
Extra heavy duty Bingo Slide Card
No duplicates within 3,000 cards
Portable family bingo games slide cards
Brain fitness bingo slide cards
Environmentally Friendly_No Waste!
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Deluxe Quick Clear Jam Proof Bingo Shutter Card

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Mr. Chips, Inc offers the only bingo slide shutter cards on the market to feature incredible JAM PROOF slide window technology. In order to properly activate the JAM PROOF slide action technology on your shutter cards, please open and close all red slide windows a few times. This step only needs to be done one time prior to playing the first bingo game.
Mr. Chips, Inc bingo slide shutter cards are available in 5 unique styles and designed to accommodate any budget or game setting requirements you may have. You can choose from our Economy Fingertip bingo shutter card to our royal Large Easy Read card to our regal Jumbo Easy Read Quick Clear card. And more!
Whether you get the 10 pack, 25 pack or 3,000 pack set, there will be no duplicate cards on your order. As a PLUS, our brand of bingo shutter cards is verifiable on many electronic bingo machines available on the market. You get a professional bingo game from a professional bingo game equipment manufacturer!
These portable, sturdy, and reusable cardboard bingo slide shutter cards are perfect companions to so many bingo accessories and bingo equipment designed for professional, home, and recreational use. Pair these bingo slide shutter cards with our bingo calling card deck, bingo cages, or manual bingo machine to create your own customized bingo game. BONUS: Use these cards for hand-eye coordination exercises and cognitive activities (brain fitness) for small children or seniors.
Enjoy high-end quality and top of the line technology for years to come. Make sure you purchase your bingo slide shutter cards from Mr. Chips, Inc to enjoy our satisfaction guaranteed return policy. Remember: If you don’t love them, we will take them back no questions asked!

Product Details:

  • WOW your friends and family with 2 value-added surprise coupons featured on the back of each bingo shutter card! You get 1 bingo shutter card
  • EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY 6-Ply card NOT like the smaller and lighter 5-Ply versions out there; sturdy and super comfortable-sized board that measures 6.5” L x 6.375” W with 1/2” tall windows
  • STITCHED OUTER EDGES and a clear protective film over the numbers help these cards last for years; Every bingo card features large ¾” numbers especially suitable for small children or elderly seniors; Super dependable and easy to use!
  • INSTANTLY CLEAR the entire bingo shutter card by moving the “Free Space” window to the left to start new game; No duplicates within 3,000 bingo shutter cards set!
  • UNIQUE JAM PROOF slide window technology ensures effortless movement; Sliding windows won’t get stuck during a game or shift if the bingo card is moved or dropped; Big tabs for easier handling. If you don’t love them, we will take them back no questions asked!
  • Featuring Woodgrain Design 
  • Prices based on individual card

Enjoy top of the line quality at the lowest prices.

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QTY1 to 45 to 910 to 2425 to 4950 to 99100+