Rolling The Dice

It’s not everyday you think outside the box. Not many people can take ordinary objects and transform them into extraordinary works of art. Margaret Adachi, a native Californian and artist, did just that. In 2007, Margaret’s brilliantly creative work of art, perfectly titled as “Rolling the Dice,” became part of the “Double or Nothing” exhibition at the LMAN Gallery in Los Angeles.

"Rolling the Dice" displayed at the LMAN Gallery, Los Angeles

Unknown Object

The sculpture, a likeness of two red dice rolling across a green game mat, measures 8 feet in length by 6 feet wide, weighs over 350 pounds, and contains over 18,000 dice! Whose dice? Our dice. Mr. Chip’s continues to be incredibly proud of our small yet important contribution to modern art. Margaret’s sculpture called for a specific type of dice. Something she could only find through Mr. Chips, an exclusive manufacturer of 2-Shot Injection Molded 16mm Dice. The “molded-in” dots prevent chipping, scratching and fading. This special mold process makes our dice unique and, it would seem, perfect for art.

A work in progress - Margaret's busy workshop

We asked Margaret to share a few words about her overall experience. She recalls pensively, “I have always been drawn to a certain mystical property of dice. I remember finding you on the internet and comparing your prices with other companies. You were the only company that had what I needed in stock at a good price. I must have asked you a lot of questions, and I remember being nervous about ordering so many thousands online [early days of internet shopping for me]. I remember you being very friendly and the shipment arrived as promised.”

Margaret's vision realized - full frontal image

The moral of the story? The sky is the limit! People find new and exciting, not to mention ingenious, ways of using our products every day. Here are some interesting ideas to consider:

Build a conversation piece.

Want to achieve a whimsical and avant-garde look in your home or office? Simply find or purchase 3 tall glass cylinders approximately 6-8 inches in diameter. Fill each cylinder with our blue, green or red double number bingo balls with glossy finish. Or try mixing the colors for a more dynamic look. Viola! You now have a guaranteed conversation starter.

Build a custom game.

Love board games? Want to make your own? We offer a wide variety of game components used in games all over the world. Things like pawns, card stands, translucent and solid Tiddlywinks, dice and much, much more! You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of products and colors at a great price.

Whether you’re looking to create a breathtaking masterpiece or build a board game, Mr. Chips has just what you need. Take your lead from Margaret and tap into your creative energy. We’ll be here once you do. Remember, life is a game. Play it!