5-Color Inside Print Single Number Bingo Ball Set

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Mr. Chips, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional-use Bingo Balls. With a wide variety of professionally weighted Bingo Balls available, you are guaranteed to find the perfect set for your game! Our 38 mm 5-Color Inside Print Coated Bingo Ball Set features easy-to-read letters and numbers printed in blue ink on one side. Each ball is treated with a protective coating to prevent chipping. There are 75 Bingo Balls in every set numbered B1-O75. This Bingo Ball Set is perfectly paired with our well-made Ping Pong Masterboards.

Product Details:

  • 38 mm (1 1/2") in diameter, not to be confused with 40 mm balls that will not work in your electronic equipment
  • Large letters and numbers printed in blue ink on one side and manufactured with protective coating to prevent chipping
  • Each set includes 75 bingo balls numbered B1-O75 in 5 colors- red, blue, green, yellow & white
  • Ships in a brown re-usable box
  • Multi-color with coated finish
  • Buy direct from manufacturer to save money
  • Part No. 01400291

Enjoy top of the line quality at the lowest prices. 

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